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Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015, 01:30

Von Jorge

Dear Herman,I think this is only your idea and opinion and are maybe not the real facts. As you know I'am wtiring for one of the biggest audio magazines in the Netherlands and the edition numbers are despite the recession still growing. So there is still a growing interest. I think the point is that people are not really information tired, but that there are worldwide way to many reviews with nearly useless information and too much marketing hype and talk. Reviewers but also manufactures and distributers must take their responsibility to permit real critics on their products. In other words, the credibility must be up.Your second point is that I think just like your suggestion that prices for most hifi shows are to high. Why pay so much for the advertising of a brand? The way to approach people must be just different as we can see in the increasing success of the free Dutch audio shows.Best regards,Werner Ero

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