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Freitag, 4. Dezember 2015, 15:06

Von Jake

UPDATED July 18 2010After living with it for<a href=""> searevl</a> weeks, I wanted to add an update. Overall, the unit still works well. The volume control still poses the issue everyone complains about but I can live with it. There is one additional design issue that rears its ugly head. The clip is a bit annoying. Depending on the type of shirt you have, the unit may need to be clipped upside down, making the headphone cord somewhat shorter. I'm not sure what shirt this unit was designed for but a U.S. mens dress shirt, the button holes are on the left (wearing the shirt) so you'll need to clip the unit upside down forcing the headphone jack to your right side, making the cord shorter. Wearing a shirt having a chest pocket can solve this but a lot of my shirts don't have a chest pocket. A symmetrical mountable clip would make this a better product OR a maybe a longer headphone cord. I still like this product a lot. I use it every time when making calls at the office and when listening to music every chance I get. Still happy with my purchase.SUMMARY:Great compact sleek sexy unit. Worth the price in my opinion. Volume control is different and should have been thought through a bit more but does not detract from the overall utility of this unit. Battery, pairing, and functionality works as described in product description/literature.SIMILAR PRODUCTS OWNED:i-tech clipREVIEW:I love this BT unit! I have been searching for something like this for a long time. I like to buy things that can provide utility in more ways than one. This one seems like it can fit the bill. This is my first experience with a Sony Ericsson product.Primary usage: Listening to music while training/punching/kicking for boxing TKDSecondary usage: Conferences calls for work (zzzzzzzzz)Tertiary usage: (To be determined) Mount to my motorcycle helmet to drive my helmet speakers (not concerned about taking calls during riding)I did not use the FM radio didn't care about that feature.Pros:-Small-light weight-No complaints, everyone hears me okay-Volume is okay/loud-Discreet (doesn't scream bluetool but more like Security or Secret Service )-Clip has teeth which grip clothing better-Battery life is great, long lasting I ran 6-7 hours at work non stop listening to music battery still read full-Headphones sounds nice, compared to Skullcandy's Full Metal Jackets. The FMJs have a bit better range/sound but the shorter cord of the Sony's make up for it. I'm NOT a audiophile but I was able to tell the difference.-The next/pause-start/previous/power buttons work great-Pairing was a non event to a Blackberry 8320Cons:-The volume control is a bit different. Its a small unit so there aren't many places to grab it, mostly you wind up grabbing it by the sides where the volume control is and at times, you may move the volume a bit. If the volume moves alot, you may be fondling the unit too much -The ear buds are hard to grasp at times as they are small, rounded and smooth. (not a big deal)-The cord from the left ear to the 3.5mm jack could have been a tad longer. (not a big deal)-Non USB power cord (but may be due to the small circuitry requirements)IN USE:In use for<a href=""> searevl</a> days. I'll update this review if anything changes for the worse. All in all wow.


Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2015, 02:21

Von Siv

Thanks for the fine reply.The humorlessness of those who bveilee in the literal truth of scriptures is far too obvious and universally acknowledged. Hence, I didn't comment on that. Moreover, Ebert's post was a poke at evolutionists.Removed the reference to Dawkins in the earlier comment having realized that I'm not familiar enough with his work.I haven't personally interacted with anyone who subscribes to the Bible's take on creation. However, I suspect that a great deal of the fundamentalism is probably a reactionary response to what is perceived to be the condescension of the unbelievers. Perhaps a more accomodating attitude may mellow them down and make them more receptive to alternative ideas about creation. [url=]ysyphs[/url] [link=]jccefzon[/link]


Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2015, 19:41

Von Marie

Ah, I should note that there is an <a href="">opiton</a> to require registration to participate in the chat.. which may be something that will help? It basically relies on WP's built-in registration system to check if the user is logged in or not. Let me know if you find a better way! Either way, thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated.


Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2015, 17:28

Von Safy

yes see the update at the bototm of the post above, facebook changed their code, so you need to use a modified version of the code provided previously, the updated code is above.

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