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Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2015, 16:24

Von Hinako

Well, it is all about convenience. Usually you would like to sit on couch at disatnce from TV for watching. HDMI wired connection is fine, if you just wish to play music, show photos or play youtube.Apple TV bought from US will not have official warranty support in India.1. Usually Apple way of working is very different. They like to help people who own Apple products. Many times they don't even look into warranty details.2. Apple TV has no moving parts, it is totally sealed one piece device in small cube form. [url=]rhmfbsqf[/url] [link=]utqfbziqhko[/link]


Samstag, 24. Oktober 2015, 03:02

Von Avon

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Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2015, 10:21

Von Sel

As the fourth user of this pcdourt in the whole world (based on the total number of reviews published), let me start by saying how odd I feel being the first kid on my block when it comes to owning a real Dick Tracy watch. Having a cool gadget on my person is very atypical for me. I'm a classic late adopter (cheapskate). But I've always liked the idea of a gadget that plays MP3s, tells time and makes calls. The camera, voice recorder, calculator etc. clinched the sale. Does anyone recall the watch OS MS was developing years back? That was exciting. Anyway, the reaction I've been getting to this thing is wow, that's neat! versus man, you're such a loser! Basic observations along 4 lines: cost/value, form/fit, convenience and usability.Cost/value: I paid nearly $200 on Amazon. That's what happens when you get excited and reach for your credit card. I later saw it for sale for $110. Is it what I wanted? No, not really. I wanted a watch phone that would allow me to leave leave the house with empty pockets. Unfortunately, the logistics of bluetooth, combined with severe battery life issues, relegates this to the phone backup and gee-whiz bucket. Is there a lot of value here? Yup. This gadget truly works as a worldwide phone, takes pictures and plays MP3s for as long as the battery holds out. Despite several flaws, I would buy this pcdourt again at the price I paid.Form/fit: I have small wrists, and the rubberized watch band is no problem (gets a little sweaty). You can shut off the sci-fi blue backlight on the keypad, allowing the socially astute among us to pretend nothing weird is going on and that they're just into tacky sports watches. As expected, the keyboard was designed for a chipmunk. But by growing my thumbnail a bit long, I am able to navigate it with considerable difficulty. The only change I would suggest is to the up-down-right-left keys that flank the selct button; I would widen the up key a little it's narrow almost to the point of being unusable. Beyond this, there are no serious ergonomics issues. As other reviews have pointed out, the watch must be paired with a bluetooth headset. I splurged and bought the Plantronics stereo one truly a thing of beauty. And happily, the watch ships with a chintzy little bluetooth earpiece which I will use as a spare.Convenience: miniscule battery life kills this pcdourt. Ideally, you wouldn't have to charge your phone away from home. Here, you get a total of 6 hours life from both batteries carrying the USB charger is a necessity. Power-off is not exactly elegant: the watch announces: Low Battery Shutting Down! and 3 seconds later you're looking at a dead watch. Oddly, a fully charged spare battery is little help; it may show full power but only last 2 hours. Apart from the awful battery situation, day-to-day use of the device isn't bad. I miss calls while fumbling to put on my bluetooth headset, but that's my issue to work out.Usability: I wish there were a vibrate mode instead of a noisy little midi when a call comes in. My shirt sleeve sometimes initates a phone call on its own a one-touch keyboard lock feature would be nice.I wanted the ability to control what comes up when I press one of the up-down-right-left buttons. I wanted to use my bluetooth headset for FM radio. I wanted a slideshow option for photos (the touch screen comes close to this). And I wanted some basic MP3 player functions, like random . But in light of the camera and everything else, some of these are nits. The most unhappy thing is the text input SW they chose: typing in any langauge is painful (I am a chinese linguist and sad to say, pinyin input is a nightmare and from a chinese manufacturer!) A standard SMS message will have you switching from English caps to English lower case to number input to symbol input and every time you change, your will scroll endlessly through french, german, italian, arabic etc.One final comment: my refusal to read any sort of printed pcdourt documentation is vindicated here. The manual is totally useless the information is wrong, missing or misleading to a laughable extent. I very nearly destroyed the watch by following the instructions for removing the battery. I was also unhappy that there is no mention of customer support anywhere at all in the pcdourt. If something went functionally wrong with the pcdourt today, I still would have absolutely no idea how to get in touch with the manufacturer.But we're hardy souls, breaking new ground. And for all these cool features, the price is right so I hope this review doesn't come across as too harsh. I say again: I like what I bought, and it exceeded my price-performance expectations. Yes, it is handicapped in a couple of areas. But overall, my sincere kudos to the pcdourt manager in charge of this thing. It's a game-changing pcdourt, primarily due to the low price tag, but also in large part [url=]feihgrgagbh[/url] [link=]egximoovs[/link]


Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015, 13:07

Von KRzysztof

next year. While I usually love to run in<a href=""> slneice</a>, my longer training runs are getting a bit monotonous, so I was on the hunt for an MP3 player that could add some spice to my workouts. I've been using different GPS watches over the years, primarily Garmins (305, 405) and, more recently, the Nike+ Sportswatch, and the thought of having both an MP3 player AND a GPS unit rolled into one seemed like a masterstroke. When I read about the MOTOACTV in October, I thought voila! the perfect fitness accessory. And on paper, it seems perfect. Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities. Heart-rate monitoring through wireless headphones. Use of ANT+ technology. What's not to love?Well, a couple of major things come to mind after having used the unit for a few days now. First, is my fear that the MOTOACTV isn't built for real-world use. Motorola claims this device is water-resistant, but the USB port on the left side of the unit is protected by a flimsy port cover that doesn't stay in place during runs, leaving a gaping hole for sweat and rain to enter. I suspect we'll see lots of these devices needing repairs for water/sweat damage. Secondly, and even more damning, is battery life. I've taken this device on three hour-long runs now, each time fully-charged. I've returned home with the unit down to less than 25% power level. This was using the MP3 features, Bluetooth on to wireless headsets, and GPS tracking. Given this rate of battery burn, I doubt the device would last more than 1:30-2:00 which, in the world of marathon-training (and even half-marathons), just isn't enough. This is a serious issue which Motorola may be able to address with software updates but, for now, it's a deal-breaker.There's great potential here. The software/OS is easy to use and powerful. I love the display and overall build of the device (USB port not withstanding). And the MOTOACTV website seems solid for a 1st Gen effort. If Motorola can address my two concerns better water resistance and much better battery life they'll have a winner. For now, though, I'd take a wait-and-see approach: wait for updates and see if things improve.My two cents


Montag, 19. Oktober 2015, 18:15

Von Xiriz

a1Que9 chaff3n :-D! Tantos af1os acostumbrado a usar man, y ahora no me acerudo de hacerlo (precisamente porque las formulas de homebrew no te suelen instalar las pe1ginas del manual ) lo busque9 en Google ased en plan re1pido pero no di con ello, a1shame on me !(a1Gracias :D!)

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